D2N Technologies

D2N Technologies is a privately owned company with offices in Europe. The company is an international provider of engineering solutions in ranging areas of industry: automotive, storage warehouses and logistics, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical, food and beverage, power plants, aerospace, and building material (e.g. flooring and metal). The company has several years of experience in industrial plants worldwide, and holds several certifications in the filed of robotics, electrical engineering, welding and project management.

This year the company D2N Technologies has been awarded with the Excellent SME certificate and a prestigious AAA certification. According to the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and a credit reports company Coface Slovenia, D2N has been ranked as one of the most successful and trustworthy Slovenian companies. In addition to that, we have also been rewarded with the Financial Reliability Certificate, since our business operation and financial assets situation reflect its above-average performance and financial reliability, on as well as outside the Slovenian economic area. According to the criteria of the credit rating agency, D2N has been placed in the elite group of financially most reliable economic entities in Slovenia representing 6.14% of the best in the overall population in Slovenia.