Research and Development

We carry our studies and research activities in several fields, such as Industrial Automation Systems, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Robotics.

Industrial Automation Systems

We conduct basic and applied research in the field of electrical and high precision measurements of electrical quantities, measurement automation, signal processing, sensor systems, system theory and control modeling, computer control of processes, system design and automation, automation software, human-computer interaction, electro-optics systems, programmable logic control systems and real-time control systems.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering research work at D2N Technologies is divided into the following two fields: 1) production, transmission and distribution of electrical energy; and 2) power system control. Research in the field of electrical energy explores optimization processes, reliability and the quality of electric energy. The second research field involves modernization of power system control.

Industrial Robotics

A better robot lives in our world by moving around its environment more intelligently, by cooperating with the people it serves more compellingly, and by physically interacting with its surroundings more effectively.

We perform basic and applied research for the development and building of robot systems, industrial robotics, servo-systems, robot controllers, production automation, sensor systems, control theory, modeling, computer process control, real-time control systems, and advanced control algorithms for the control of position, speed and torque.