D2N Techonlogies offers fully integrated welding and fabrication solutions for projects worldwide. Operating in the most extreme conditions and challenging environments, we tailor each project to the specific requirements of our clients. We provide our clients with the most appropriate technology and skilled personnel who work safely and efficiently.

D2N Technologies is specialized in welding works on reconstructions and new constructions in accordance with valid international standards for welding, which define guidance for the assessment of technical and personnel capacities of the contractor. For our customers we can carry out, a whole welding-technical service: elaboration of welding-technical documentation, welding services and supervision. Our welders are qualified to carry out the following welding procedures:

  • MMA manual metal arc welding
  • MIG metal-arc inert gas welding
  • MAG metal-arc active gas welding
  • MAG flux-cored wire metal-arc welding with active gas shield
  • WIG/TIG tungsten inert gas welding (black)
  • WIG/TIG tungsten inert gas welding (white)